Studying in the UK offers you a long history of teaching the world’s greatest leaders, thinkers, and artists. You can choose from traditional UK universities that have taught for hundreds of years, or modern, state-of-the-art universities and colleges throughout England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales.

Courses in London are always popular – living in one of the world’s most exciting and dynamic cities is a life-changing adventure. It’s a great place to learn English in the UK or study an undergraduate or Masters Degree.

A UK education doesn’t have to be expensive either. The cost of living outside of London is much more affordable. UK degrees can be completed in three years with honors (saving a year of tuition compared with many other international degrees).

We are pleased to introduce various programs from Undergraduate, Post Graduate to Ph.D.’s in each of the countries that we represent.


The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, commonly known as the United Kingdom (UK) or Britain is a sovereign state located off the northwestern coast of continental Europe. The United Kingdom is the 22nd-most populous country, with an estimated 64.1 million inhabitants.  It is a constitutional monarchy and has a parliamentary system of governance. Its capital city is London, an important global city and financial center with the second-largest urban area in the European Union.

The United Kingdom is known for being very cloudy and rainy throughout much of the year. The temperature varies with the seasons seldom dropping below −11 °C (12 °F) or rising above 35 °C (95 °F).London, located in England in the south of the UK, has an average January low temperature of 36˚F (2.4˚C) and a July average temperature of 73˚F (23˚C).

Currency        :  British pounds (GBP)
Population     : Over 63,000,000
Languages     :  British English


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